M1-BARO barometro

Barometric pressure transducer



The M1-BARO electronic barometer measures athmo pressure. It is designed for outdoor use; therefore, it comes with a casing of painted light-alloy for minimizing thermal drift of the electronic components due to solar radiation. Upon request, it is also available in a different casing box version.
Moreover, theelectronic barometer is temperature compensated and functions in a range between 800 and 1100 millibars.
This instrument comes calibrated to the mean sea level pressure.
As value of atmospheric pressure is affected by the altitude, so the measured value must be corrected using a appropriate equation (see data sheet).

Casing made of painted light alloy.

Protection structure to keep the sensible part from dust and light.

Integrated temperature sensor.

Range 800 – 1100 mBar.

Available additional protection system for strong wind condition.