Flex simple-log

Indoor simple datalogger



D1-FlexLog S is a data logger suitable to be used in many situations, that features:

 Signage LED
 Low resolution analogical INPUT
 Battery state monitoring
 USB communication
 SD storage unit
 Easy sensor connection

This simple version of the FlexLog is protected by an IP12 casing, therefore it is suitable for indoor use or to be placed inside IP68 casing for outdoor use.
The CORE has a bus that allows connection with modules capable to acquire ana-log signals (up to 6 modules).
1) 4 inputs in voltage, plus 5V supply (suitable for resistive potentiometers) with selectable gain;
2) 4 4-20 mA current inputs, each one with a MOSFET switch-off;
3) 3 inputs for PT100 [3-wire], selectable and amplifiable range.