Drilling parameters monitoring (D.A.C.)


G1-DAC 3.0 is designed to monitor the drilling parameters during perforations. Using the data acquired with this equipment it is possible to determine some geomechanical characteristics of the soil. The information obtained with the automatic diagraphy during drilling, with total destruction of the core, can be combined with other geognostic techniques to evaluate the geotechnical charac-teristics of soils (Cardu et al. 2012). Between the many advantages of this tech-nique there is the possibility to perform a large number of tests at the same costs and times.

The system G1-DAC 3.0 allows to acquire every 2, 4, 6 or 10 seconds (or other, user selectable) the following parameters:
 Depth of the tool;
 Rate of penetration;
 Tool pressure;
 Torque pressure;
 Injection pressure of the Drilling fluid;
 Rotational speed of the rods;