Piezocono CPLS D

Seismic piezocone


G1-CPLS D is the latest release of the famous piezocone G1-CPLS equipment to perform SCPTU geotechnical survey. It contains all the technology and the knowledge acquired by Tecnopenta, in a shorter case.

The built in sensors are able to measure during penetration the following parameters:

Qc (Tip resistance)

Fs (sleeve friction)

U (pore water pressure)

Inclination (XY)

Rate of penetration


As all Tecnopenta’s piezocones G1-CPLS D is equipped with a 3D seismic sensor designed to detect seismic waves.

The acquisition unit and the displacement transducer send the data via Bluetooth to a PC.

The system allow to perform CPTU and SCPTU tests.

G1-CPLS D piezocone can be used with all the kind of pushing systems.