sensore velocità vento

Wind speed sensor

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Wind speed sensor built according to WMO guidelines is a three cupped anemometer. Its cups and support are balanced to avoid rotational vibrations.
Its highly durable rotor spokes turn on special low friction bearings, with high operational continuity in dusty environments.
An output signal is generated by a sensor through the Hall effect activated by small magnets solidly affixed on a rotating disk, unaffected by cup motion.

Wind speed sensor comes in these versions:
• basic version with impulse type output signals, model M1-V1
• output signals in tension version
• output signals in current version

It can be equipped with a heating system to avoid freezing of the moving parts.

Made of painted light alloy.

Low friction and dust resistant bearings.

Hall effect sensor.

Built according to WMO guidelines.

Highly durable rotor spokes.

Balanced to avoid rotational vibrations.