Tecnopenta s.r.l.

provides services to assure complete support to every customers who work in the field of geotechnics and environmental monitoring.

Data service Tecnopenta


Tecnopenta perform calibration of many instruments including piezocones for CPTU and SCPTU, pressure transducers, meteo sensors and all the instruments in its catalog.

Acquisizione sismica

Web server, remote data collection

Tecnopenta provides an exclusive web space for store, consult and download data h24. Data are saved and plotted in charts, they also can be downloaded as tables.

Web server Tecnopenta

Monitoring systems

Tecnopenta uses its knowledge and experience to provide consultancy and support during design and installation of environmental monitoring systems.



Tecnopenta perform maintenance and reparation interventions on instruments and systems. The system equipped with remote connection are checked up weekely. 

Manutenzione Tecnopenta


All the new instruments come with manuals and instructions, moreover, for many of them Tecnopenta organizes lessons in laboratory or even in the field.

Istruzioni Tecnopenta

Monitoring stations installation

Upon customers requests, Tecnopenta can install monitoring instruments and stations providing the man power and the tools, with final operation tests.

data logger installazione