Monitoring system in differential pressure


The disposal and storage of waste is an issue that has always been deeply felt and the subject of discussion. For this reason, control bodies require the monitoring of waste processing environments. One of the environmental parameters to be measured is the level of geographic depression of an area where the waste is stored and processed.
Negative pressure is generally created using ventilation systems capable of moving large quantities of air and extracting it from the work environments by placing them in the zone of geographic depression. For an important Italian Waste Management Company, Tecnopenta built and installed the depression measurement system on a new wet waste disposal plant. The system monitors a covered area of ​​approximately 20,000 m2 divided into 6 environments with 6 measurement points protected by filters. During the design phase, it was chosen to locate the data logger and the actual sensors inside a technical room near the office area and then to connect each individual sensor to the measurement environment through a piping system. In this way it is possible to avoid direct contact between the sensors and the atmospheres of the waste storage environments. To complete the service Tecnopenta, equipped with a certified portable calibrator, allows calibrations to be carried out on site.

The differential pressure sensors

The vacuum measurement sensors chosen for this application are differential pressure sensors . This means that they must be connected to the environment to be measured and to a reference, in our case, to external atmosphere. The range of the installed sensors is ± 100 Pascal and the precision is at least on the order of 0.3 Pascal.

They are also equipped with a valve system that protects them from possible overpressure.

In this system, the reference pressure intake point was placed on the roof of the warehouse and protected with a filter specifically designed to prevent humidity and dust and to limit errors due to the action of the wind. The sensors were then housed inside a metal box.

Sensor M1-P34


Filter for measurement

The measurement points were located at a certain height inside the waste processing area so as to be protected and unreachable during normal work operations.

The filtering part is easily removable and replaceable in case the spade is clogged with dust which prevents communication with the sensor.

All pipe connections are quick-release.


Specially equipped FlexLog data logger  is monitoring, recording, interpreting and storing the real-time data measured by the differential pressure sensors.

In this version a multi-line display has been mounted, capable of showing the latest measurement acquired by all the sensors simultaneously.

We also find the modem for sending data to the web and an RS 232/485 output. The electronics are powered by the local electricity grid but can works for a certain period even in the absence of electricity thanks to an internal battery.
The data is both, stored locally on a removable SD card and sent to a web platform where it is processed and graphed with extraction of daily and hourly averages. It is also possible to set alarm thresholds.

Data logger for measurement


Portable certified calibrator

The portable calibrator used by Tecnopenta to certify differential pressure  sensors is an instrument designed to connect to the sensors and to submit them to a pressure choose by the user.

Through a system of valves and pumps the pressure is kept constant allowing precise comparisons to be made between the value measured by the sensor and the value created by the calibrator. The transportability feature of the calibrator allows you to carry out on-site calibrations without dismantling any of the component parts of the running monitoring system. The calibration carried out with this reference instrument allows you to in-depth verify the health status of the sensors and their ability to measure correctly.

Our calibrator, calibrated annually, certificated, recognized at European level and comparable with the Italian ACRREDIA certifications, is available at our office.

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