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Digital inclinometer probe

Digital inclinometer probe

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Biaxial digital inclinometer probe with MEMS sensor.
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The G1-SINC digital inclinometric measurement system consists of: 
  • Biaxial digital inclinometer probe with MEMS sensor
  • Bluetooth interface control unit integrated into the cable reel
  • 50 m cable with electrolytic copper metal ends
  • Ghibli capture software
  • Witness probe complete with 50 m cable
  • Wellhead cable lock for positioning assurance
  • Processing software (optional)
  • Pre-configured computer (optional)
Inclinometer data is acquired and transferred directly inside the probe and sent to the surface via digital transmission. A Bluetooth transmitter is mounted in the cable reel. The data conversion is 22 bit: this resolution allows you to obtain data with precision 1/20000sen(α). The probe integrates a temperature sensor. The connection cable is graduated with a metal ring every 50 cm and is protected by a high-resistance sheath with an internal stainless steel core.

Witness probe:

it is a probe with mechanical characteristics similar to the inclinometer probe, but without sensors. It allows you to check the accessibility of the inclinometer tube. It comes with a cable graduated every meter. The witness must have some differences compared to the probe: the witness must fit more easily than the real probe in case of defects in the tube. The baton supplied by Tecnopenta is longer than the probe, heavy and with smaller wheels.

GHIBLI-D software:

It can be installed on a PC or Tablet with a Windows operating system and allows you to acquire the data of the test carried out on two or four guides. It allows you to choose the desired sampling interval and the depth of the survey. Continuously displays inclinometer readings, probe depth and temperature. It records data at each operator command. It is also possible to correct and repeat a measurement already performed, after repositioning the probe. 
The program calculates the average of the checksum of the readings already on site, showing it on the video. It displays the internal battery voltage. It provides, for each test, a file in CSV format compatible with EXCEL already recordered with all the synthetic parameters of the test.

Cable block for wellhead:
The purpose of this accessory is to create a point of contact and a stop for the struts that graduate the cable. The use of the cable block allows you to position yourself precisely at the right depth in order to have perfectly comparable readings. The point of contact of the cember is made of brass.

G1-SINC D probe: 
The sensitive element is a latest generation MEMS sensor. The probe body is made of AISI 316 stainless steel. The relatively large diameter wheels allow greater stability of the probe during travel and easier overcoming of any obstacles that may be along the guides. This solution also allows greater stability of the trolley in the case of stresses orthogonal to the rotation axis and therefore better precision of the Y sensor readings. G1-SINC D probe adapts well to inclinometric tubes of various diameters, from the more classic 79 mm up to less than 49 mm. The data acquisition software is very intuitive and the communication between the probe and the PC is managed via Bluetooth without the need for connection cables.  

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